“Be soft, kind and loving. But also take nobody’s shit.” — (via wallflowerrr)

“At times I feel that I may be a very cold and unemotional person and at times I wish I wasn’t so mentally vulnerable. I do tend to stand on the outside sometimes.” — David Bowie, 1973 (via mercurieux)

“I saw my earlier selves as different people, acquaintances I had outgrown. I wondered how I could ever have been some of them.” — Roger Zelazny, The Courts of Chaos (via wordsnquotes)

Everyone should have a dream, even a pathetically unrealistic one.

sophie turner | portrait session at comic-con (2014) x

“She had a way of seeing the beauty in others, when that person could not see it themselves.” — Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004)

“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.” — Paulo CoelhoBy the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (via feellng)

I think there’s a part when you sign your soul to the devil and start working in Los Angeles that you also sign away that you could be a human being in anyone’s eye. You’re like a robot!